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Deploy your website in minutes

Build with JAMflow, a LowCode Environment with a distributed and scalable infrastructure.

Build and manage ultra-fast websites with ease thanks to the constant support of our technicians. Simplify the management of your digital office and streamline your workflow with MooCloud. It's almost as easy as drinking a glass of milk!

Serverless and Scalable

Serverless and Scalable.

MooCloud's new JAMflow serverless platform allows your project to scale from 0 to 100 in seconds, allowing you to support high peaks of demand with no crash and offering an amazing experience to your visitors.

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LowCode Framework

The LowCode Framework!

Our pre-built starter kit is designed for ease of use, requiring only a basic understanding of HTML and JSON to begin crafting stunning websites. Additionally, we provide full software development experience for experts, using all the features of the underlying frameworks, including Vue, Nuxt, TypeScript, CSS and UnJS.

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JAMflow Tech Stack

JAMflow platform supports JAMflow LowCode and 3rd party frameworks that support containerization. Our team can help you import your current project onto our new and scalable platform.

For Enterprise

For Enterprise

Experience comprehensive support at every stage of your web application, website, or infrastructure lifecycle, whether it's a single aspect or the entire process. JAMflow is designed to adapt and scale according to your unique requirements, ensuring a sustainable environment. Our skilled Software Engineers are ready to augment your internal team's efforts, or if you prefer, we can expertly craft your project from scratch. Let us tailor our expertise to fit your specific needs.

For Agency

For Agencies

Create lightning-fast websites effortlessly, backed by the continuous assistance of our technical experts and our development environment. Our support extends beyond complex project planning; we also provide aid in bug hunting, optimization, and the development of intricate features. Additionally, we offer the option to outsource development tasks, ensuring you have the support you need at every stage.

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